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Top features include:

Distance and Time Radius search.
Users can find venues within a certain distance and time of travel.

Location and category search.
Users find venues and event services via location or category.

Receive RFQs directly from the user. Respond directly to the user.

Get your venue or event service listed, find out how?

Make sure that your venue or event service is featured on the industry’s first mobile-based Event Resourcing App.

Scheduled for launch in January 2019, the App will be made available to EON’s 7000+ accredited event buyers.

This puts a powerful event resources tool in the hands of people who are actively organising business events for their corporations, associations and government departments. 

Screen 1 new
Screen 2 Screen 3 Your Venue or Event Service displays a general description, primary services offered, location and the option for the user to send you a direct RFQ.

The preference list enables the Event Organiser to add their preferences to a preference list.

An RFQ can then be sent directly to the Venue and/or Event Service.

From there it's up to you to close the deal.

Screen 4