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The scales have tipped on climate change action and the pressure is on cities and countries to make events greener, according to Rashid Toefy, managing director of MCI.

"Smart cities use innovative information and technology. Therefore, if we do not create 'smarter' events people won't be interested in coming here," he said at the IBTM Africa Forum in Cape Town on Thursday. It formed part of the World Travel Market (WTM) Africa taking place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) this week.

"There is also pressure from brands and consumers in this regard. We must take the global and societal trends that drive events into account."

The use of technology is one of the big trends in the sector for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions/events, or Meetings (MICE).

"Face-to-face and social media are not mutually exclusive. The next big thing on social media is video and live streaming," said Toefy.

"If these tech trends are not used in MICE you will be left behind. These days people can film an event on their cell phones. So, for the conference industry WiFi is very important. Spend money on better bandwidth for your event."

Source: Fin24



Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife’s (Ezemvelo) mandate is derived from the KwaZulu-Natal Nature Conservation Management Act (Act No.9 of 1997), which is to direct the management of nature conservation within the Province including protected areas (PAs). This includes the development and promotion of ecotourism facilities within the PAs.

With its headquarters at Queen Elizabeth Park in Pietermaritzburg, the provincial capital, Ezemvelo manages more than 120 protected areas and is the leader in sustainable biodiversity conservation. It has recently broadened its focus to become more relevant to communities living adjacent to their parks - primarily through job creation and sustainable natural resource harvesting.

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife - is entrusted with the long-term conservation of the regions rich biodiversity for the people of South Africa. In more than 100 years of formal conservation in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, the various departments and statutory organisations that evolved into today`s KZN Wildlife have received many formal awards and words of praise for the quality of their service to conservation and for the high standard of management of the province's natural resources.

EWorld Class Resorts and Accommodation - Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Resorts invites you to enjoy the ultimate wildlife experience at our world class resorts. From the heights of the Maloti- Drakensberg Park World Heritage Site, through the tropical savannahs of Zululand where the Big 5 inhabit Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park, and on to the brilliant coral reefs of the Indian Ocean that fringe the lakes and wetlands of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park World Heritage Site.

Keri Miller


Nobody starts yoga (or a new practice) because they’re having the BEST time and feeling great about themselves. Yoga is for some a last resort at finding some internal peace. It’s like a charger for the soul.

Majority of us don’t get enough sleep, we don’t eat the way we would like to, move our bodies as much as we want to, or even just have enough time to …. Stop… and do whatever we want. Mindfulness (and yoga) is a daily practice that starts to build a sense of self-love that means you start putting YOU first.

One of the first things to do is remind yourself that being selfish isn’t a negative, it’s a necessity. Putting YOU first is the most positive choice you can make today. I was a 30 something, smoking a box a day, in a sh*tty relationship, very overweight with a mind that just… would… not…stop.

Then one day…. It all just got too much. The choices were this…. End it now… or make a very big life change. I’m grateful to be here today to say I chose the second option and am so grateful to that overweight, unhappy, busy, sad version of me for going through what she did so I can be the woman I am today.

Now a 36-year-old woman I focus on mindfulness for beginners, helping others to find that internal teacher that KNOWS exactly what it is you need to do to be your best you.

Taking compassionate baby steps…. One day at a time…. Making good choices and not being hard on yourself on the days you ‘eat or drink in excess’ or whatever it is you would usually feel guilty for. My Talk will touch on Breathing & Meditation, Mindfulness, Diet, Lifestyle and how we get one life… in one body. How you live and how comfy you are in your skin is COMPLETELY UP TO YOU. This moment right now… this moment is your life.


With its manicured gardens and Cape Dutch-style architecture, Kievits Kroon is reminiscent of the wine estates in the Cape, and has been labeled ‘the Winelands in Gauteng’.

In honour of this prestigious title, we’ll be running two Winelands Conference specials throughout 2019.

Day conference package: R540.00 per person
24-hour day conference package: R2500.00 per person or R1950.00 per person sharing
Venue: Conference Centre

Tel: +27 12 819 8699/8650
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