Event Organisers Network (EONSA)
Telephone: +27 11 781 4800

Why Become an EON Vendor Member?

To increase lead-to-business ratios and sign up more event business.

EON has two membership categories, Event Organiser Member and Vendor Member.

Event Organiser Members.

The event organiser category comprises accredited, pre-qualified and active corporate and government event organisers who join EON precisely to meet and create business relationships with venues, hotels and event service providers.

Typical event organiser member companies include Discovery, PWC, Old Mutual, Spar Group, all Banking groups, Government Departments and hundreds more.

Vendor Member

The vendor member category comprises venues and event service providers, precisely those organisations that the event organiser category joins to meet and engage with for their annual events.

Vendor Member Plans

There are 8 annual Vendor Member plans. These have been crafted to cater for different budget categories.

Plans are all upgradeable and each upgrade provides increased access to our pre-qualified event membership, maxing at direct face-to-face meetings with corporate and government event organisers.

EON, therefore, acts as a facilitator of meetings and business networking between Event Organiser and Vendor members.

Become a Vendor Member right now and begin reaching and engaging with the active event organisers.