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Online events and exhibitions

Online or virtual applications have been around for a long time, but have never really achieved a serious broad-based alternative to business as normal.

Today, virtual solutions are flexing their muscles as serious and better business alternatives.

In this vein, we are excited to be able to introduce you to EON's Virtual Events and Exhibitions solution, a platform we will use to complement our Business Events Showcases and one you can use for your events, exhibitions, training, education and more.

This online platform empowers companies to host training, education, and CPD events, showcase their products, engage and interact with buyers, host webinars and conduct business as you would at a live event, but with some significant advantages. 


Features and Advantages


lobbyEvent Manager Features

  • Each virtual event is an extension of your event brand 
  • Set up for virtual conference and exhibition, an exhibition only, or for your any next virtual event 
  • Create multiple individually-customized virtual events
  • Custom virtual environment, Lobby, Exhibition Halls, Auditorium, Networking Lounge, Resource/Media Center, Chat Central, and Organizer Help Desk 
  • Custom Partner and Sponsor branding throughout the environment
  • Host from your subdomain or exclusive event domain at Xtendevent 
  • Free in-person-event promotion in the Event Directory
  • Free Event Directory exhibitor and visitor interest leads
  • Custom virtual conference and exhibition landing page
  • Custom event taxonomy for attendees to instantly find exhibitors by their product interest
  • Custom integrated attendee/visitor registration
  • Custom conference program that allows you to create or replicate your program by day, time, speaker/bio, speaker topic, and attendee 'Add to Calendar' feature
  • Deploy a custom blend of live stream and webinars - with sponsored video on demand
  • Custom exhibitor booths presented from exhibitor halls
  • Integrated exhibitor onboarding and payment gateway and detailed analytics.



exhibitorAttendee Features

Business professionals can access virtual events from any Internet-connected device and are able to:

  • Visit the event landing page, to register.
  • Add Conference Speaker sessions to a Calendar.
  • Engage Conference Speakers.
  • Participate in webinars and Livestream sessions.
  • Watch past sessions as 'video on demand'.
  • Source companies by product interest.
  • Engage exhibitors on virtual booths.
  • Gather exhibitor and other collateral from booths and the Media Centre to an ‘electronic briefcase’.
  • Request product-specific quotations.
  • Connect with exhibitors on a video call and schedule video call meetings.
  • Integrated business matchmaking.
  • Live chat with online exhibitors and event organizers.
  • Leave messages for offline exhibitors and organizers.
  • Invite private network connections.
  • Network selectively and privately with event exhibitors and attendees.



exhibitor dashboardExhibitor Features

Customized booth and content, matchmaking by visitor product interest, accept and make video calls to interested buyers, receive trade alerts, reply to messages, and business networking requests. Each virtual booth is custom-branded to match the exhibitor's corporate identity (CI) with additional design and content options listed below:

  • Custom booth design
  • Integrated Matchmaking
  • Multiple virtual sales representatives
  • Company video display from the booth
  • Company profile and unlimited detailed products, services, and external website links
  • Upload catalogues and other collateral for visitors to save to their 'electronic briefcase'
  • Reply to product-specific requests for quotations (RFQs)
  • Schedule video call meetings with visitors and conference attendees
  • Custom colours for booth navigation button and text menus.
  • Selective private network chat
  • Automated trade alerts and detailed leads you can export to Excel

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